Friday, September 25, 2009

Episode 307

Project Runway has been having a great season so far. The designers seem to be, as a whole, much more talented than in past years. The move from New York to L.A. is a little disappointing, and I am missing Michael Kors, but other than that, I've been impressed.

No matter the season, though, what I -- and I have to assume most viewers -- love most about Project Runway is Tim Gunn. And recently, someone brilliant has created just what the fashion industry needs: a Tim Gunn superhero. I do realize how ridiculous this is, but in a world where Stacy London and Clinton Kelly are the closest thing we have to fashion superheroes, Tim Gunn is desperately needed.

Sometimes, when I'm down and don't know who to turn to, I kind of wish Tim Gunn would suddenly appear and just say "Talk to me...". If Tim Gunn were a superhero (which he is now) his super power would be to always be right...brutal, but always right.

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