Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Episode 306

Despite the incredible array of new shows that began last week, despite having watched Community three times in 36 hours, despite The Office's magnificent return, despite spending the weekend with a friend who appeared in the credits of Parks and Recreation (which is by far the coolest thing any of my friends have ever done, sorry to everyone else), despite Survivor already having me hooked after only one episode, despite the fact that the Emmys were this weekend...there is still something much more urgent to discuss.


Yes, Drew Carey has officially surpassed Howie Mandel and Alex Trebek. I realize that it is difficult to replace such a legend as Bob Barker, but come on, people. Let's be honest, The Price is Right is not a very exhilarating game -- even more of the magic was lost when I saw it in person and the room was smaller than my high school auditorium. Like on most game shows, the host is the only one who can create true excitement. It should not be the contestants' responsibility. Bob Barker could make anything suspenseful and interesting. Even the people winning the cars aren't excited when it's announced by Drew Carey. I literally hate it so much that I refuse to even try to find a clip to link to. It's better this way, trust me.

Case in point: John O'Hurley (who apparently was Drew Carey's competition for The Price is Right and for some inexplicable reason did not get it). He hosts another extremely cheesy and washed out game show (Family Feud), but he makes it exciting: the hand holding, the quick wit, the relatability, it's all there. Oh, and additionally, unlike Drew Carey, John O'Hurley does not have a new pedophile haircut. As if grooming himself to look like Michael Moore will make him less annoying.

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