Thursday, January 27, 2011

Episode 605

The Thursday night NBC line-up did not disappoint when it returned last week.  Whatever was lacking in Community (not much) was made up for by yet another taste of Troy and Abed in the Morning.  I think a spin-off is in order.  Parks and Recreation premiered with a bang, as well, giving us something to root for (Harvest Festival! Pawnee! Andy!) and solidifying the fact that Rob Lowe is not only physically flawless, but also hilarious.  The Office reminded us why we love Michael and Holly (if the E.T. scene had gone on any longer, I think half of America might have died from awkwardness) and why we just love Michael.  It also reminded us that if we feel purposeless - and we attended a preppy college or university in the Northeast - there's nothing a little Dave Matthews can't fix.

What I'm most interested in for post-break week two, however, is Perfect Couples, a show set up to fail because of its inevitable comparisons to the rest of the line-up.  Luckily for Perfect Couples, though, it's more like Modern Family than Thursday night comedy.  While I won't put money on it yet, I will say that the show has potential (although I said the same thing for Running Wilde, and that fell flat).  The characters in Perfect Couples are still caricatures of themselves, but once the actors assimilate a bit more into their roles, the show could take off.  I'm looking forward to tonight to see how it holds up, but even if it flops, at least it won't be as embarrassing as this.  Mamma mia.

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