Friday, January 21, 2011

Episode 604

There is currently a poll on asking: Was Steven Tyler too flirtatious with the American Idol contestants?

Currently, 70% of people have responded "No. He's a rocker! What did you expect?"  Well, I can answer that.  I expected that a 62 year-old-man would not tell a 16-year-old girl that she was showing just the right amount of leg in her outfit.  (Even Tom Haverford knows: half your age, plus seven - that's the cutoff). 

I wouldn't say I'm offended by this - I'm not here to judge.  Well, yes I am.  But I'm just saying, it doesn't make for good TV.  Awkward (and even offensive) is good when it's Michael Scott forgetting which Asian waitress is his date; not when we have watch a senior citizen gawk over a minor. 

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