Friday, January 7, 2011

Episode 601

The least interesting thing on television is almost always the news.  Well, maybe second to Melissa D'Arabian's cooking show.  In any case, the news gets interesting when people get interesting.  By now, you've probably all seen the homeless man with the golden voice story.  Compelling (if bizarre), and so it went viral.

Currently on its way to going viral is the marriage of Jon and Caroline Kleiman, which took the form of a flash wedding at the Prudential Center in Boston.  The footage itself was popular (not to mention tear-inducing) but TV brought it to a new level: the newlyweds embraced the sensation and have already been featured on three different news programs.

Now that's the kind of story I want to watch on TV.  Leave the real news to magazine and newspapers - people who care about the news also tend to like to do boring things like read, right?  So, win-win-win.

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  1. As a post-script, I just want to give a shout-out to one of my favorite topics, online comment boards.  So far, for Jon and Caroleen, there are no haters.  In fact, the most negative comment on the YouTube discussion board thus far (after almost 30,000 views) reads: "I can't stand theatre people.  Aside from the extremely annoying way you chose to get married, Mavel Tov and good luck."  Just thought that was hilarious.