Monday, February 15, 2010

Episode 414

Survivor is back, and with a bang. Dedicated viewers are truly rewarded for their loyalty in seasons like the current one: Heroes vs. Villains. There is no getting-to-know-you period between fans and participants, and starting from the season premiere, there is drama, excitement, and intrigue. One of the most recognized players to return is Colby (yes, that picture would be from from Season 2, which aired nearly a decade ago.

I was planning on composing an in-depth discussion of the season premiere, but since most of my readers don't think of Survivor as good TV (though I know 14.1 million Americans who would care to disagree), I'll instead share a little Curb Your Enthusiasm, for your enjoyment. I think I managed to compare Survivor to the civil rights movement a few posts back, but Larry David takes is so much further and includes Colby to boot. And just as an added bonus, if you watch all the way to the end of the clip, there is one of the greatest Curb lines of all times.

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