Thursday, February 4, 2010

Episode 410

I've had some time to detox after the LOST premiere, so here it goes. First of all, I'd just like to point out that LOST is the only show on television that requires more time to watch on DVR or the Internet than on regular TV. Usually you think well, hey, this will only be 42 minutes of my life instead of 60 because I can skip the commercials, but the ability to pause the episode turned -- at least for me -- what should have been two hours into about three and a half. Every word that anyone says ("the first plane"?!) requires a pause (and a "did she say the first plane?!").

In any case, although there is a lot of other quality TV on to talk about (the season premiere of Shear Genius?) I will indulge and give my two cents on LOST. And I'll do it today because I am hoping beyond hope that tonight's episode of The Office gives me something to write about tomorrow.

Now that I've made it to paragraph three without actually saying anything of substance about the premiere, I'll give it a (very brief) go. I don't intend to discuss my theories because I'll just drive myself and everyone else mad and there's absolutely nothing I can suggest here that hasn't already been said in a thousand other places. What I'll do, instead, is suggest what I think were the most important moments of the episode -- the moments that I believe will be crucial in unraveling this crazy mystery that is the last 5 years of our lives. I think there were a lot of moments in the premiere that were just for the amusement of the viewers and nothing more (e.g. Boone tricking Locke into thinking he isn't a vampire), but the following five events are definitely going to come back later in the season. I don't know exactly what they mean, but I know they must mean something:

1) Jack now has a fear of flying that he didn't have before.
2) Desmond apparently disappears from the plane.
3) Charlie says he was supposed to die.
4) Jack gives Locke his business card.
5) (It's almost too obvious to say, but:) Christian Shephard's coffin is missing.

Now before I go crazy or begin the Lostpedia browsing that will turn me into a hermit for the rest of the day, I'll just wrap it up by saying this: I think they should avoid airing commercials for V, starring Juliet, or commercials with Kate as a make-up promoter during these LOST episodes. Kind of takes away from the intensity of the whole thing.

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