Friday, May 22, 2009

Episode 216

Finishing out finale week last week was the 3-hour Survivor event on Sunday night. For the first time ever Jeff Probst was blindsided, and by Coach*, no less. Coach -- famed for his campfire stories (very much worth the 3 min. 18 sec.) -- took a lie detector test to prove to Jeff that he was not making it all up: everything was true, from the midget natives to his bleeding canoe-paddling hands. WHERE do they find these people?

And don't fear, the legacy continues: Season 19 begins in the fall.

*Yes, he went by Coach (he's a high school soccer coach, so that's totally reasonable...) and yes, when everyone else had their mothers and husbands and girlfriends come to visit as part of a reward challenge, Coach invited the person he was closest to as well: HIS ASSISTANT COACH.  Sorry, did I mention it's high school soccer?  Just checking.

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