Monday, September 13, 2010

Episode 502

As Week 1 of Fall TV is about to begin, I have returned from Los Angeles -- where I went to increase my reliability as a TV news source, of course -- with my second ever celebrity sighting. The first was renowned TV star Adrian Grenier, brunching at Little Dom's. Unfortunately, Adrian Grenier stars on a show that I have yet to watch -- though I do a mean impression of Michael Scott doing a mean impression of it. Luckily for me, my devotion to teen romantic comedies made that walk-by just as meaningful.

This newest celebrity sighting was of someone I have watched on many a TV show, including one currently on the air. To be honest, when I first made eye contact, I wasn't certain it was him. He had a hat on and (not fully tinted) sunglasses and I had to stare for a moment to be sure. But suddenly I got a shiver up my spine and the inexplicable need to vomit came over me, and I knew -- it was Howie Mandel.

That's the whole story, but in order to ensure that my anti-climactic sighting was not in vain, I will allow it to remind me to link to the only interesting/compelling/talented talent on America's Got Talent this season: Fighting Gravity. Enjoy! And in honor of my first TV viewing of the fall season, I will sign off: XOXO, conngirl.

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