Thursday, November 19, 2009

Episode 319

I don't intend to blog about Glee every week, but it just might happen. I know TV shows don't get reviewed every time there's a new episode, but Broadway shows get reviewed every time a new one comes out -- and each episode of Glee is kind of like a new mini-Broadway show. Which is why the 98% of the American population that realizes the brilliance of good musical theater loves Glee. Lucky for the other 2%, last night's episode featured an oldie, a song from the Police, and good ol' Bill Withers. If at least one of those three doesn't win you over, there's a problem.

Let's just take a moment or a paragraph to talk about the many perfections of Finn. First of all, have you ever seen a 27-year-old who's supposed to be a 17-year-old look so damn good in a suit? And as if the suit and his tear-jerking rendition of the Pretenders (I know all you Dawson's Creek fans out there were loving that moment) weren't glorious enough, he cries while his (awesome) mom comforts him, making him not only hot and talented, but vulnerable, too. (And by the way, for those three other people in the world who love "I'll Stand by You" as much as I do, you can hear Finn sing the whole thing here.)

Speaking of actors being way older than the characters they're portraying (it's not as extreme here as it is on FNL, but still) - most of Mr. Schu's students are only a few years younger than him in real life. That makes the Rachel-Schu ballad awkwardness a little less awkward, but still brilliantly awkward. For anyone who was fighting against a crush on Mr. Schuster, stubbornly insisting that Finn was their #1 (read: me) this episode's mash-up definitely made you think again. Luckily, People magazine doesn't make us choose.

And one more quick note: Though I did tear up three times during the episode (in order to save face a little, I will not reveal which three moments did it), I absolutely could not find it in myself to feel bad for Quinn when her parents were chewing her out. Yes, that situation sucks in every way, but she will get absolutely no sympathy from me until she comes clean to Finn. Sigh.

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