Sunday, November 15, 2009

Episode 318

Why does everyone love Ellen? Seriously, everyone loves Ellen. I do and you do and I would bet money that the person sitting next to you does, too.

I have never met someone who had an adverse reaction to Ellen. I'm not sure where this unbridled love of a talk-show host comes from -- but I do know that her show is one of few (if not the only) daytime programs that does not leave the viewer depressed about the fact that they are sitting on their butt watching television at three o'clock in the afternoon (think Family Feud, any soap opera, A Baby Story, Maury...I'll stop before you need to go take your meds).

One of my favorite Ellen moments is Dennis Quaid's Starbucks appearance. This is just the tip of the iceberg of proof that Ellen can get anyone to do anything. On top of that, Ellen is not only an Emmy-winning talk show host who can get any guest she wants, she's also a Cover Girl and on the cover of O magazine.

All of this makes her an interesting choice to replace Paula Abdul on American Idol. Yes, she'll easily mimic Paula's constant and unconditional praise of the contestants, but other than that, there is not one similarity between these two women. Maybe that's the idea? At least we can assume -- though you never know -- that there won't be tabloid drama about her and Simon getting it on.

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  1. holy shit. i almost peed my pants watching the Dennis Quaid thing. My parents also loved it...haha!