Saturday, November 7, 2009

Episode 316

As someone who attempts to write about television on a regular basis, I massively appreciate it when I read a great article about a TV show. I'm not talking about semi-witty yet bantering, superficial analyses on Joe Schmoe's blog (ahem), I am talking about real, insightful, and moving TV writing.

People Magazine's weekly mini-blurbs about upcoming new sitcoms or important series finales keep me entertained for sure. But writing about TV -- and doing it well -- is hard. It's just easier and much more fun to watch television than it is to read. So why would someone read about their favorite show when they could just sit down and decide for themselves? The only way to draw people into TV in writing is by being...perfect.

A recent article in Time magazine, passed on to me by my non-FNL watching sister, is the definition of this perfect television writing. James Poniewozik (please don't google him or you will find his TV blog which is incredibly more interesting than mine) brings the emotion of Friday Night Lights to the written word. Through pithy yet dead-on analyses of the complex characters and comparisons to other television, current and past, he shows why Friday Night Lights can turn any viewer into a fan of heroes without tragic flaws, a fan of high school dramas, and even a fan of football.

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