Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Episode 313

I am well aware that the majority of people watching the new 90210 were not old enough, or even alive enough, to watch the original. But what I learned last night was that I am officially not of the same generation of the new West Bev gang. Dixon, a high schooler, is dating a girl, Sasha, who is a few years out of college, like yours truly. He's upset that he always has to go to her place and she responds that she doesn't want to go in public or people will talk, and she won't go to his parents' place because, and I quote, "I am not sneaking in the window, Katie Holmes-style". Dixon then proceeds to completely NOT get the reference.

Does this mean that, while it would be semi-acceptable to date a seventeen-year-old guy, I would absolutely not be able to watch the same television shows as him? Maybe. More importantly, what this means is that the people writing for the new 90210 are of the Dawson's Creek generation. This is somewhere between totally awesome and really depressing. I write a blog about television and people my age actually write that same television. Although, people my age also have 14 Olympic gold medals.

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