Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Episode 204

My aforementioned swanky L.A. friend did some investigative work (yes, there are people out there who watch as much [read: more] TV as me) and found this. The first and last on the list are my favorites, though the whole thing is pretty amazing. It's kind of like fuckyoupenguin, but for TV sitcoms. And just one time, which is sad.

That Top 7 really gets to the center of a lot of what is superbly creepy about sitcoms, particularly those running in the late 80s and early 90s. So many things were just wrong about the way those people comported themselves.

I mean, Bayside High? Can you imagine how many favoritism/pedophile lawsuits they could have had on their hands? I mean, despite the fact that they all hung out in Mr. Belding's office all the time, Zack and the gang were essentially the core members of the glee club, the prom committee (and featured band!), the student council, every class at the school, the awesome "No Hope with Dope" commercial... let me just put it this way: I'm really glad I wasn't Christy Barnes. Due to lack of participating in extra-curricular activities and/or going to classes, she probably didn't get into any colleges. Including Stansbury.

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