Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Episode 116

Italian television is hysterical. Probably because it's mostly just American TV dubbed over into Italian. I remember watching the first two episodes of the OC (something about a house burning down?) in Italy -- you might think it couldn't possibly be any more dramatic than it already is, but wow, Italian dubbers know their stuff.

I remember watching MTV Italia, too, which was often subtitled instead of dubbed. I'm not sure who they have translating for them, but they certainly take some creative liberties. In one scene on Next, the guy came up to the girl and said "Damn, you smell gooooood!" and the subtitles read: "Ciao, come stai?" [Hi, how are you?] I guess it's the right idea, but not exactly what they were going for... Similarly hysterical was when a girl said "My favorite singer is John Mayer" and the translation read "Il mio cantante preferito e` Elton John." You don't have to know Italian see that that one's not quite right.

And I'm sorry, but I can't not include this: so awesome.

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  1. Why are Dawson's Creek dubs so common? It seems every time I try to look up a Dawson's Creek scene (I know, I just admitted I've done that more than once, whatever) it's always dubbed.

    Though Joey and Pacey's voices are never-endingly amusing to me.