Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Episode 111

Yesterday I mentioned how TV made me realize that I tend to take the easy way out. Lesson learned. Well, TV has recently taught me another lesson, this one much more grave and powerful: I am awful at doing impressions.

It all started with the Dwight face and it has only escalated from there. I have this idea in my head that I can precisely replicate the facial expressions and voices of all of my favorite characters. I dressed as Pam for Halloween and thought I could make her little snickery-confused-are-you-serious face with little effort. Yet even after looking in the mirror for a good 10 minutes in an attempt to perfect it, I was sorely disappointed with my final performance.

Most recently, I've been trying to nail down Coach Taylor's one-liners from Friday Night Lights. I was so certain I had it -- you un'erstand me? -- until I remembered that not only am I not from the South, I'm also not a man, so I probably sounded absolutely nothing like him. Unfortunately, I can't link to a clip of him talking because I'm only on Season 1 and I'm afraid I'll see a plot spoiler. But I highly recommend you check it out because it's super bad-ass.

It was a disppointing realization that I am not the impressionist (?) genius I thought I was, but I haven't lost hope. In the end, I've decided that as long as it sounds good in my head, that's enough to keep me entertained...and it will, for the rest of the afternoon.

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  1. Scott is so proud that you are trying to impersonate a bad-ass football coach from Texas. Go Panthers!