Thursday, February 19, 2009

Episode 108

Sometimes I get really mad at the TV.

It often has something to do with Joey Potter being egocentric and condescending. Last night it had to do with the fact that that homewrecking nut job on Top Chef was almost given a second chance after they had finally booted her. I used to get really angry when an episode of Dawson's Creek would end on a sad note, and since the first thing that always flashed on the screen was "Executive producer: Paul Stupin," I would cleverly yell through my tears: "More like Paul Stupid!" What can I say, I'm witty.

Another common reaction for me is tearing up (read: sobbing) at a sad scene in a show. Now, being angry or sad or whatever other extreme emotion is all fine and well... until the commercial. How awkward is that moment when you have tears streaming down your face or you're screaming profanities at the TV, and then suddenly there's an ad on for some vaginally insertable birth control? If you're with someone, it's just embarrassing. If you're watching by yourself, it's almost more ridiculous because then you're just sitting there bawling, listening to the free credit report guy sing some catchy ditty, and reflecting on the fact that you're crying because Phoebe can't keep her babies.


  1. Thanks for the Friends shout-out :)

  2. The is the most perfect post that has ever been written.

    Did I just use an adverb with a superlative!?

    I think TV is rotting my brain.