Friday, June 4, 2010

Episode 428

Sometimes I find myself turning into my least favorite television characters. Exhibit A: Joey Potter. While I sadly have no chance with Joshua Jackson, I have recently aligned myself with Joey by deciding that other people's talents would become my hobbies (or as Joey Potter would vehemently call them, life passions). For Joey, these sudden interests came from being a self-involved drama queen; for me, it comes from watching TV.

I know I'm not the only person who went out and bought goggles after seeing Michael Phelps at the Olympics. My stint as a swimmer lasted six days, with a total of about 40 minutes in a pool. Turns out it's a lot harder than it looks.

Most recently, I've decided to be a dancer. So You Think You Can Dance is possibly one of the most inspiring shows on television: between the sob stories, the encouraging judges, and the moving performances, it is impossible not to want to do what these people can do. I don't care if I'm a ballerina, a b-girl, a krumper -- and SYTYCD makes it look like I don't even have to choose.

In any case, I've become so invested with this show, that I'm kind of hoping my exam committee is split on whether to pass me at my Orals next week and that in order to decide, they have me "dance for my life." Of course that would secure me a fail, but it would be worth it. I could do this, right?

I'm going to go practice, and when I come back, get ready for Season 5 of these posts. Summer!

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