Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Episode 424

Well, Glee had to flop eventually. I'm surprised it happened so close to the second-half-season opener though -- with all of the hype and expectation, I thought the first few episodes back would be killer. Last night, though, Glee forgot its name: the focus came off the show choir and their always fun, if cheesy, performances and instead went to some highly awkward and unfortunate solos and duets.

While the Kurt-Finn-parents drama panned out into a nice display of emotion by the end, so many of last night's twists and turns came out of nowhere. Within the course of an episode, Mercedes went from proud and curvy to insecure about her weight and then back to empowered and empowering. Finn's father-issues went from 0 to 60 (but quickly stalled) and Kristin Chenoweth returned with some major drama in her life that was completely irrelevant and un-relatable. And who was Schu even singing about -- his ex-wife or Miss Pillsbury? The fact that it was unclear was a symptom of what the rest of the episode was lacking.

You know something's off when Mike O'Malley pulls of the best performance of the cast. The only main cast member who had success was Chris Colfer as Kurt, who managed to draw some emotion from the out-of-the-blue plot points. Let's just hope Neil Patrick Harris can bring some spice back into things (unfortunately not until May).

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