Sunday, April 4, 2010

Episode 420

After a too-long pause in posting (I'm just trying to emulate all my favorite shows, which take obnoxiously long breaks between episodes), I am going to take this opportunity to just catch-up with my top 10 most pressing opinions on recent TV that I've missed in the past few weeks, starting with the most important (so if you get bored, it's only getting less relevant as you read):

1) Is anyone else wondering why The Office did not take advantage of the most Michael Scott-ish of holidays in the entire galaxy to show a new episode? Seriously, Michael on April Fool's Day would perhaps be the most perfect context ever. The word inappropriate was created to describe Michael on this day. Opportunity majorly missed, The Office. But since you've been so good to me recently, I'll let it slide.

2) LOST is incredible. Thank you so much for finally giving us some answers. And for all of us who knew that Desmond was going to be the key to the whole thing, we're about to be totally validated.

3) Poor American Idol. The fact that I have Biggest Loser on a higher series priority than AI is a sign for the awfulness of this season. Not even Ryan Seacrest cares enough to keep the results a secret.

4) Is it seriously possible that Glee has only been on the air for half a season? Can it keep it up? I am very excited to find out. I think guest stars will be key.

5) So excited for the return of Top Chef Masters. If ever there were a show to get me to spend hundreds of dollars eating out at fancy restaurants, it's that. It was very uncool that two of last season's top three were Bay Area chefs -- I really can't afford this kind of TV watching.

6) I think Russell lucked out that his season of Survivor hadn't aired when they started taping the current season. If it had, he would have been the first voted off, and now it seems like he may once again make it to the end. And because we're talking about Survivor all-stars here, I think he might just get the vote at the end; these people respect the game too much to give it to some random coattail rider.

7) Camila Alves is seriously annoying.

8) Why is Rumer Willis allowed to act? She could probably even make "Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker" sound not bad-ass. If you haven't yet been exposed to her awful acting and want to continue that streak, avoid 90210. I know it'll be tough.

9) Less than a month until Friday Night Lights returns for us non DirecTVers. You un'erstand me?

10) Modern Family has still not lost its touch. Neither has Community. If they keep it up, we might have the Friends or Cheers of the 2010s on our hands. Or as some homeless guy in Central Park put it, the new Frasier.

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