Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Episode 617

Now that most shows have aired their finales, I think it's time a do a Top 10 Winners and Losers list for TV this season:


1) Friday Night Lights (Every. Single. Moment.)
The Office post-Steve Carell (somehow)
3) Baby Lily on Modern Family (Sadly, she's going to have to start talking soon.)
Tom Haverford 
5) Michael Emerson on Parenthood
6) Boston Rob (literally...and finally.)

7) "Oh, Honey" 
8) Jennifer Lopez
9) Perfect Couples (I know you - and the people in charge - disagree.)
10) Richard Blais's drug dealer


1) Matthew Morrison
2) Brad Womack
3) Ashton Kutcher (even more than Charlie Sheen, I'd say.)
4) American Idol voters

5) Carson Daly (if not for him, The Voice might have been on the other side of this.)
6) Community
7) Dexter (apparently - I'm a season behind, so I'm trusting my sources on this one.)
8) Gossip Girl
9) Richard Dreyfuss on Parenthood
10) Florence, Italy (this would be number 1, but Season 4 of Jersey Shore hasn't even aired yet.)

*Other than the #1 slots on both lists, these are in no particular order.  To clarify: that means that Friday Night Lights is the best thing that happened to television this year and Matthew Morrison is the worst thing that happened to television...ever.  Seriously insufferable.

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