Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Episode 518

When we think of getting in the holiday spirit, we usually think of music and movies (though I realize that doesn't mean Rockapella Christmas and The Holiday for just everyone).  This year, though, I tried my hand at holiday TV to bring in the cheer.  There are many ways to get into the holiday spirit through television: we can download the Glee Christmas album before Thanksgiving (you know who you are), we can feel warm and fuzzy when Ellen gives away wonderful things to wonderful people, or -- and this was my M.O. -- we can sit down and watch all of the Christmas episodes of The Office in one sitting (I cheated a little and threw "Dewali" in there only so I could hear Andy scream "Tuna, are you kidding me?!"  To be fair, Michael does sing a version of The Hanukkah Song at the end).

This year, as the Christmas Pandora station is playing in the background while you watch Home Alone on loop, remember that TV can have just as much holiday charm as music and movies.  Particularly when it involves Michael Scott exhibiting his genuine wit: "I would like a nice slice of Christmas Pam. Side of candied Pams. And perhaps some Pam chops. With mint..."  If that can't bring you some holiday cheer, what Pam?

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