Monday, October 25, 2010

Episode 511

The cast of Modern Family was interviewed by Larry King on Friday night. I'm not sure Larry quite picked up everything they were putting down -- blame it on either a generation gap or just a sense of humor gap -- but it was fun to see them all together, with just as much chemistry off-screen as they have on-screen (just a tad more tame).

Missing from the interview were Ella and Jaden Hiller, probably because they can't talk quite yet. The twins who play Baby Lily have everything the Olsen twins had (i.e. they are adorable), including a female John Stamos in the form of Sofia Vergara. The difference is: on Modern Family, Lily plays the straight man. Every other character is quirky, constantly joking, or just out of their mind, but Lily is consistently straight-faced and completely stoic. No matter how much absolute hysteria or chaos is surrounding her, she maintains a blank stare, only accentuating the absurdity of the adult world she lives in. No exaggeration: I cannot think of one scene she's in where this is not the case. And it is downright hilarious.

Speaking of hilarious -- and so this post isn't just a perhaps obvious comment about babies being cute -- CBS has really screwed the pooch on this one: a reality TV show is in the works that will allow commonfolk with celebrity names to swap lives with their namesake. While I'm sure the Justin Biebers of the world will be happy to swap places with that gem, I wonder if they will send some Lindsay Lohan from the deep south to rehab and prison...and rehab again. If only my name were Diane Kruger (so close!), maybe they'd let me date Joshua Jackson for a day?

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