Monday, January 11, 2010

Episode 403

One of the more unique things about television is that it brings stars to life. I'm thinking mostly about morning and variety shows that interview celebrities, and those moments when you realize that the stars you adore are pretty much just as dorky as you. I recently saw an interview with Adam Lambert on the Jay Leno show (not even going to get started on that whole ordeal here), just a few days after the AMA debacle, and I could not believe how completely and utterly normal and down-to-earth he was. For someone who could very easily be aloof and uninterested, he fairly eloquently discussed the AMA issue without cowering, and more impressively, without attacking the offended party. Put this kid in a suit and tie and he could have been interviewing for an entry-level accounting job.

Speaking of singing and celebrities, who knew Ben Folds was so smart? He was one of three judges on the Sing Off, and other than his awkward resemblance to Austin Powers, he was able to show us that he can do more than just be the most ridiculous piano player ever. He was also able to convince the rest of the world that singing isn't only cool when it involves "a karaoke machine and three beers." In fact, the Sing Off itself was successful in so many ways. Like So You Think You Can Dance, it was a showcase of actual talent (sorry American Idol) and also, it exhibited a kind of music that, while popular in some communities, certainly doesn't have much chance to shine. And for those of you who thought Glee couldn't be any more perfect, the Sing Off turned it into a reality show. Near perfection + Reality TV = Perfection.

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